Pro-ject Vinyl Cleaner VC-S MKII

Pro-ject Vinyl Cleaner VC-S MKII


cleaning machine for vinyl & 78rpm shellac records

福利彩票中奖历史开奖extremely capable wet cleaning machine that removes dirt and dust from your valuable records.

vc-s is a radical new development. there are features which are new for record cleaning machines in this price range:

it is super powerful and cleans a record in 1 max 2 rotations (best is 1 turn forward, 1 turn backward)

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Product Description

福利彩票中奖历史开奖it turns the record super-fast within 2 seconds per rotation, which is about 3 times faster than usual cleaning machines do. the result is a much faster cleaning of records as well as much cleaner and 100% dry records with no residual humidity!

a new type of clamp sealed the record label from cleaning fluid and avoids damage on the label!!

福利彩票中奖历史开奖robust metal arm, which is easy to use, mechanically stable fixing! (no springs)

big container (2,5 l) for used fluid, that shows fill-up capacity and guarantees no spillage of used cleaning fluid. discharging of used fluid is extremely easy to do.

newly developed vinyl cleaning concentrate wash it offers very good cleaning results and reduces static charge, so record wear as well as stylus wear is significantly reduced.